How do I sum up in words, this little dog that has changed my life in such a very big way.....Weighing in at less then 10 pounds, Trinket is a small little package with big attitude, and full of heart.  She always has an opinion and plenty to say.  Trink has a personality.  She is always ready & willing, is my constant shadow,  and she has our entire pack  smitten with her in a BIG way, (including the shepherds).  Our journey has had many bumps along the way, but it has only strengthened our bond and helped me learn to truly cherish every moment.   Trinket has taken me places I never dreamed possible.  Every time I stepped up to the line holding her, as she becomes electrified, physically shaking with excitement, followed by her tell tale bark of "I'm Ready! Let's GO!" ... was a gift!!!
Trinket has reinforced the lessons that hard work does pay off, it is all about the journey, nothing worth having comes easy, and to take nothing for granted!! I am truly blessed to be her partner, and treasure every moment of our journey together.  
Big things do come in small packages!
Trinket will always be very special to us!

MACH13,C-ATCH,U-AG1 Wright's RG Treasured Trinket RN,MXB4, MJS4,MXF,TQX,T2B10

2014 AKC Agility Invitationals Finalist, 5th place
2014 AKC National Agility Championship Finalist, 6th place
2013 AKC Top MACH Dog
 2013 AKC Top MACH Dog Mid Term
AKC Agility Invitational Qualifier 2014 #1 CKCS, 2013 #2 CKCS, 2012 #5 CKCS 
AKC Top 5 Agility Dogs 2014 # 5 CKCS, 2013 #1 CKCS,  2012 #3 CKCS, 2011 #4 CKCS
2012 AKC Agility Top Toy Agility Dogs #11

2015 #8 CKCS (on way to retirement)