Treasure, my cute and quirky one.  Treasure was the tiniest puppy born in the litter.  Over half the size of her brother and sister.  She quickly let it be known however that she was a fighter, had no need for my help or supplementing.  She had an opinion of her own!  Chuck will tell you that he knew right from the beginning that I was not going to want to place her, that I would want to be sure that I kept her protected.  Treasure has grown leaps and bonds.  Mostly in the personality and confidence, since by most folks measure she remains a very tiny Cavalier. No she is certainly not the puppy ideally one would keep for sport or agility.   Treasure is a quirky little girl.  Happy when in her element, but soft and can be a bit timid at times.  But we love her for her, and embrace all the she will teach me.  Treasure adores her Auntie Trinket, and can usually be found following in her foot prints.  She is always my constant shadow.


Reflexions Finders Keep Her MX MXJ xF T2B

​Heart & Eye CERF Clear