MayaLu's Flight of Reflexions CL3-F
 Co-owned with Karen Beattie Massey

 Tilt is beautiful Ruby girl.  Tilt's sire "Denzil" and her dam, "Beth" have not only both earned their AKC agility MACH titles, but have been among the top 5 Cavalier's in agility, and invited to the AKC Invitationals.  Making Tilt's littermates produced from the first MACH x MACH breeding for CKCS.  Tilt is already a world traveler having flown across country with me to arrive in our little country home. In true Cavalier fashion she charmed her way in and quickly the German Shepherds were smitten with her too. Tilt loves to climb.  She would spend her day riding around on my shoulder if I let her. She is extremely athletic and loves thoroughly enjoys sprinting across the yard.  Especially if it is chasing after her pups Tizzy & Treasure or birds.  Tilt is extremely birdy.  We are just thrilled with this little girl, her attitude, and athleticism are simply breath taking! It is exciting to see these same qualities passed on to her pups.