Wright's RG Must B Illegal Reflexions AX, AXJ


 Taboo is the family clown, our court jester, he is such a character, and is always making us laugh.  Unlike his half sister Trinket, who is a very serious little girl, Boo is a free spirit.  He is constantly on the go, and rarely is he seen with all four feet on the ground, bouncing around like Winnie the Pooh's friend Tigger.  Although full of energy and our comic relief, Taboo is also super sweet and loves to cuddle and share laps.  He is the ultimate combination of energy when we want to play or work, and calm lap dog as soon as its quiet time.  
    Taboo came to visit on  Halloween 2007, following Clayton's Trick or Treating, I went off and brought home a treat of my own.  This is how Taboo got the nickname BOO!!  Although Taboo is mostly retired from competition he has been trained in agility and obedience, and continues to train, and work on his skills.  Following in his big sister's mighty paw prints, Taboo quickly earned his AKC AX & AXJ, Novice through Excellent with all 1st Placements.  .