If there is one word to describe Hurri it would be intense. Whether she is working or playing, she gives it her all.  All her attitude, and all her speed.  Fast and furious, that's our girl.  Hurri was the first born and instantly there was no denying her presence.  Always the one with the strongest opinion, 'screaming' look at me.  It is exactly that intensity, desire, attitude, and drive that endears her to me today.   Unfortunately it is also what caused her early retirement from performance events, with a traumatic shoulder dislocation.
Hurri possess tremendous drive as well as an outgoing, fun personality, with rock solid nerves, confident in all situations. I am constantly impressed by her speed, power and athleticism.  As well as her ability to tone it down.  Despite all that intensity, Hurri does have a softer side that she pulls, only when it is neccessary.
Hurri is beauty and brains, a total package.  In conformation Hurri earned her UKC Grand Champion title at less then 12 months, she is also AKC Championship pointed.  In performance she earned her Rally Novice title in three straight shows, all with placements, has earned more then 15 agility titles, (she was always exciting to watch in agility).  Although Hurri is officially retired from trials and competition she does continues to train in agility, obedience, tracking, and nose work.  She is just a girl that will always need something to do.  I am thankful for each and every moment I get to spend with my 'firecracker'. She has taught me so much.


GRCH U-AG1 Alta-Tollhaus Perfect Storm RN,NA, NAJ,OF,CL2,CL4-S,CL4-H
Sire: GRCH, SG1 Vando vom Weber Haus IPO1