From the moment they met, it was evident that Hemi pickedClayton as her special person.  Clay went with us to the airport to pick Hemi up and from that moment on, they have been best friends.   Hemi is most definitely known as the "sweet sister", and for good reason. She is a true sweetheart, very easy to live with, and a super happy girl.  We do have a tendency not to work or train Hemi as intensely as the other dogs, it's not that she can’t do what they do, oh yes she can.  It's just that she is so easy to live and has the luxury of sharing a few more moments in our laps…So I guess you would call her our "Champion" Companion.
Hemi takes her role as guardian very seriously.  She has a very deep scary bark, she is completely trustworthy with the smallest of children and the smallest of puppies.   She has raised and helped comfort every puppy and foster dog that has entered our home.  As you can see by the pictures, the Cavaliers seek her out as a warm comfortable spot when the humans of the house are not sitting still.  When we opened our pool a couple of years ago, Hemi took it upon herself to safeguard all of the youngsters from falling in.  She naturally would just walk between them and the pool.  No small child was falling into the water on her watch.  


​U-CH, U-AG1 Thornblad's Isi CL1, CL2
Sire: SchH3, V1, Atlas vom Wizards Hof
Dam: Thornblads Fenja BHP.1,AK.1,HD-A,DNA
 Thornblad Kennel, Denmark
Owners: Kari Selinger & Clayton Selinger