Proud to say our dogs are exclusively titled & trained by us, loved by many!
A tribute to the special dogs that have touched our lives

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Serving to protect a loyal friend in need since 1996.
Michigan wide rescue, dedicated to helping homeless purebred GSDs find permanent and loving homes to call their own.


It takes a very special person to rescue a dog!     



            The German Shepherd Dogs that enter our program come to us in a variety of ways.  Many are abandoned or neglected.  Some are found as strays.  Some are retired Champions.  And others are given up by their owners for any number of reasons.  All of these GSD want one thing, to find a loving permanent home of their own. The average age for a rescue dog is 3 years.  Few of these dogs have had time or attention paid to them.  However, we have found that when these dogs are adopted into a permanent home, where they are wanted and loved, they seem to know they are ‘rescued’ and return that love many times over.  Yes!  These dogs do bond with their new families and come to love and protect them as their own!




            We know that the German Shepherd Dog is not the breed for everyone.  They are from the Herding Group, and are known for being very versatile, which means they are very intelligent, and active dogs that prefer a job to do.  They love obedience and agility classes, jogging, long walks and family trips.  We want to get to know you and your family before we place an adoptive dog into your home.  The more information, the better to match you with the right dog.  This process can and does take time, so please be patient and we will do everything we can to find the right dog for you. 




In order to proceed in adopting a German Shepherd Dog you must first fill out the adoption application and return it to us.  You may do this at our website Then a German Shepherd Rescue representative will contact you.  If everything looks good, you will then be placed on our active waiting list.  Our adoption fee is $250. The MI German Shepherd Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption at any time. Our primary goal is for our rescue dogs to be placed in loving permanent homes. The more specific you are about the dog you want, or if you have very strong preferences as to color, size, age, and sex, the longer it will take to find that special dog.  If you do have strong preferences rescuing may not be right for you and we would be more than happy to provide you with information on responsible and reputable breeders.
            Representatives for the German Shepherd Rescue of MI are always available to answer questions on all aspects of the German Shepherd Dog so feel free to contact us. 



Lena is lucky to be alive.  The first 16 months of her life, she sadly experienced the harsher side of some humans.  Her ower/trainer abused, neglected and starved her, hoping to make her an aggressive protection dog.  Nothing he did to her caused to her to be anything other then her true self.  (not that any of us would have blamed her for reacting)  At her time of rescue Lena weighed only 19 pounds.  She currently is a very happy and healthy 55 pounds!  She has had a lot to over come, but is doing very well.  Thanks to her wonderful foster home!

GSD Rescue of MI strongly recommends when looking for a GSD puppy to work with a reputable breeder.

The average age for a GSD rescue dog is 3 years.  Although puppies do occasionally come through rescue and have as much need as any rescue dog to find their own loving permanent home, potential adopters should know they are taking a risk.  When a young puppy is in need of rescue IT DID NOT COME FROM HEALTHY SOUND PARENTS OR A REPUTABLE BREEDER.  If they had they would not be in need of a rescue but would still be with their caring breeder.  ALL good breeders take their dogs back, and most have it stated in their contract. There are lots of health concerns with the German Shepherds, and not just hip dysplasia or temperament.....and most are genetic.  To give an idea of all of the pups GSD Rescue have placed since 1996, every one of them have had at least one of these conditions , and some more.

If you feel you must have a puppy then we strongly suggest looking for a reputable.  Not answer an add in the paper, or a pet store.
Just ask:
We can help with what to look for in a reputable breeder.

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